Yesterday my self-pity reached its zenith.

This happens with unwanted change in my life: resistance, denial, anger, binge-eating (surprisingly not sweets mostly salty), couch laying, resolution.

(I am reporting from my couch office pillows propped, mom’s quilt, reading glasses balanced on the tip of my nose)

So, not being able to stand myself anymore (perhaps it is a friend’s suggestion of channeling vengeance?) I start this blog.

What do I expect?  Nothing really.  I just have to write because that is what I do.  Typically, political stuff, investigative stuff that requires both hemispheres of my brain to be operating well and communicating with one another.  However, in light of the new lesion (on the corpus collosum: feel free to Google)I am having to free-style it a bit.

But for whatever reason, I can’t stop writing (even though I can’t feel my fingers). This blog is the consequence.


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