Come early tomorrow, the prisoners get here around noon

2 Nov

This was the direction I was given this morning when leaving Bellevue Hospital’s infusion clinic.  Since Bellevue is the only public hospital in the NYC – they drag people like me who can’t get healthcare coverage due to pre-existing conditions and “make too much money” (I haven’t been able to work in several months and my hubby and I are draining our savings account on my treatment even though he has insurance through CUNY but I can’t get covered until I am symptom free of the MS for one year – don’t get me started)  to get assistance and prisoners in for care.  And thank God for Bellevue.  No matter how back assward they are, we are lucky it is around (although we the people deserve more – don’t get me started).

Anyhoo, t0day is day three of a 5-day outpatient steroid infusion festival.  I have been very lucky to have so many people supporting me through this – and the amazing advice from people like Kim, Jess, Teresa, Caitlin, and everyone else that has sent me notes on healthcare woes and solutions – THANK YOU.  And as always, thanks to my MS ladies:  Mierka, Michelle, TCM and Stacie for kind words of understanding and shared rage!

And now, I thought it might be nice to share with you some photos of what the haps this week so far.

Day One:  Halloween – I went trick or treating for 1 gram of IV steroids – success!

Day Two:  Absolutely no hamburgers.  Or coffee.  How sad!

Day Three:  Okay, this one almost made me barf.  Second stick, first one insanely painful hand try – this one, exceptionally bloody but pretty much pain free.  Gross huh?

So simple to use even with a cannula in your vein

It’s official:  I now have an old-lady medicine chest.  New meds this week: clonazepam to help me sleep off the steroid insomnia and some magical nerve specific pain killer that knocks me out so severely you could swipe one of my kidneys and I wouldn’t know it.

And, just in case Sundeep will lay it out about Steroids, Sex and the Skeleton.  Perfect timing!

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