Guest Posts, The Jam, The (overly dramatic) Reading, So Special(ist)

10 Oct

Guest Posts!


Yesterday my friend Teresa was awesome enough to lend her Tale of Woeas the very first guest post on this blog.  Her post racked up the most views this little fledgling blog has had to date (168!).  You like her, you really like her.

It is my hope that as my symptoms decrease and my need to self-soothe through maniacally chronicling my ailment declines I can field other posts from other people living with Multiple Sclerosis.  Teresa shared her guest post on her Facebook page and I saw the scores of comments flood in.  Loving comments about her bravery and strength.  Comments about her humor in the face of some shit-sucking odds.  I know how much those comments mean.  They are humbling.  The are comforting. And they are fun.  Sometimes when I (we) are going through it, those simple messages of love and support can turn a crooked frown upside down – if even for a minute.  And that counts for a lot.

So I open it up to anyone out there who has a Tale of Woe™.  The only requirement is that thou suffer from the MS.  That’s it. Drop me a note in the comment section or email me here:

The Jam


This is your final warning:  Get Thou To The Jam!  If you are within a 100 mile radius of Chicka-go-go today scooch your glorious can on over to The Mookie Jam.  All the cool kids will be there and you are a cool kid too.  There will be loud music, booze, an amazing silent auction, booze, food, Mookie, booze, people riddled with sclerosi, entertainment, booze.

And a note on this entertainment:  word on the street is they – the talented people behind the Jam – may in fact be debuting my very first piece written for the stage.  It’s a hilarious little piece that was inspired by a few  things:

  1. The power of the PredniComa™
  2. Abject self pity
  3. Mistakes Were Made” at the Barrow Street Theater NYC
  4. My crappy MRI results

All but number 3 on this list are self explanatory.  So let me lay some knowledge on you about “Mistakes Were Made”.  This Winter Mierka Fearless Leader Mookie Jam Girten and Michael Shannon (yes that Michael Shannon of Oscar nomination/Boardwalk Empire/Red Orchid Theater fame) were in NYC for a short run of an amazing play called Mistakes Were Made.  It was Michael on stage with his pet fish (star puppet of the show):

What up puppet fish?

And Mierka’s disembodied voice off stage interacting with Michael.  If you haven’t heard Mookie’s voice you must:  here.  And, not for nothing, but Michael joined the already star studded Board of Mookie Jam a couple of years ago because he wanted to be a part of that awesome thing.

Please enjoy the following:

The  Reading

A gentleman alone on stage is reading at a mic:

(woman’s off-stage v/o:   Woman: aged 40 with a clinical history of multiple sclerosis diagnosed in 2006. These are the readings for brain and cervical spine – MRI.   Be advised – these are with and without contrast)


MRI of the cervical spine consists of saggital T1 weighted images, T2 images and axial gradient echo images.  There are foci, of increased T2/STIR signal In the spinal cord, on the right, at C2

(off stage v/o:  Which should come as no surprise to you since you never ate your vegetables….)


At C4 – C5 – on the right

Then centrally at C3 – C4

And, again, posteriorly at C6 – C7

(off stage v/o: come on what?….)

And there is that less definite lesion probably present posteriorly

(off stage v/o: Oh for crying out loud)


There’s straightening of the expected cervical lordosis –

Vertebral body heights – well maintained

Aggressive osseous lesion



(cautious pause – exhalation)

(off stage v/o:  That sounds like a but? there’s always a but…)


There is mild multilevel disk desiccation

(off stage v/o:  Desiccation! Desiccation! That means dry – you know you never moisturize! why don’t you ever fucking moisturize?!)


Fourth, third and lateral ventricles are normal in size, proportion and even contour.  A single, subcentimeter focus of T2/FLAIR hyperintensity is present in the



Of the



(off stage v/o:  Wait, wait, wait…let me google this C-O-R…okay and we have Collosum, okay (silent reading mumbles) yes, okay Corpus Collosum:  allows for passage of information between left and right hemispheres of the brain…okay – can result in confusion, fogginess, okay – wait what did I do with my handbag?)


The single lesion in the splenius and multiple lesions of the spinal chord is non-specific although the diagnosis of demyelinating disease cannot be excluded.

(Turns to walk off stage and says):  Oh, and by the way

(off stage v/o: yeah?)

 You have sinus polyps

(deep bow)


There is still time to give Mookie Jam all your money:  click here.



In other news, I am totally geeked out to go and see my new MS specialist.  What has become obvious to me over the last few years dealing with general practice neurologists is that there is something lacking.  When I’ve asked my neurologists about things that The Google very clearly spelled out as S.O.P. for the MS: breathing difficulties, Baclofen for MS spasms, The Magical L’Hermitte’s Sign I have garnered mostly just curious looks.  My hope is that when I go meet New Neurologist MS Specialist today I can unload my page long list of questions and get some Special(ist) answers.




2 Responses to “Guest Posts, The Jam, The (overly dramatic) Reading, So Special(ist)”

  1. TCM October 10, 2011 at 11:24 pm #

    Send her your guest post. Please! I refuse to please I am the Tale of Woe-iest person alive.

  2. TCM October 10, 2011 at 11:25 pm #

    Correction of erratum: “…refuse to BELIEVE.” (ahem)

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