I’m kind of a jerk

6 Oct

Yesterday I got off to a rip-roaring start cavalierly declaring that I was going to fire my neurologist.  I listed all the reasons and smugly launched into self-righteous snottery.  It felt fantastic!  Letting this guy have it – albeit in a blog post – was insanely liberating.

And then, this happened:  he fired me.  And it isn’t how it sounds.  It was a sort of love fest of a firing.  It was curious and came from nowhere.

We did the routine physical neurological exam:  “Can you feel this? Does this feel the same as this? Tell me when you can feel the pin here, your reflexes are not nearly as jumpy…”   Then he asked me overall how I was doing.  Much better this week: difficult and painful breathing was subsiding, I could feel my feet and didn’t need to sleep the entire day anymore.

He was visibly pleased. Then he said, “You know what, I don’t think I need to see you anymore.”

Wait:  That’s My Line!

I have to admit I was stunned.  I thought for sure this guy was going to keep me coming in for weeks to poke me with baby pins.  But no, not the case.

He asked me who I was going to be seeing at NYU/Bellevue.  Dr. Howard.  He never heard of him (which didn’t mean anything of course, he just didn’t know him).

Then he popped up and said give me a minute.  I sat there and took this picture:

You thought I was kidding about all the signs?  This is just one corner of one room.

Then he was back, and get a load of this.  He made a personal call to an MS specialist friend of his associated with the NYU Comprehensive Multiple Sclerosis Care Center.  She would see me next week and on a sliding scale.

I am kind of a jerk.

Here I shredded this doctor for being callous, curt and unfunny.  Well, those things remain true, I am not going to lie and tell you differently.  And there are all those signs all over the place.  Oh and the OCD.  But this act, made up for them all.


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