The Power of the Care Package

4 Oct


Yesterday the above arrived.  It came care of my 2 year-old niece Abigail and her big sister Bianca.  There may have been some guidance provided by Mom Jamie.  I can’t confirm or deny this as Jamie claims this is how the crafting of the care package went down:

I actually can’t take credit….Abby said “Aunt Andy, boo boo, sweet treat.” So off we went shopping! Glad you liked it! We were thinking of you and still are! 🙂

First of all, this is the story I choose to believe.  That Abby actually was the prime mover behind this.

Secondly, that child is being raised right:  Illness entitles you to candy

The care package is so awesome.  I have received a couple this go round and each arrived just as I had pinned a note to my chest and was fixing to step in front of a city bus.

Another one came from my pal Mookie (of the world dominating Mookie Jam Foundation benefiting artists living with MS if you haven’t donated yet get on the stick).  There were many things in this care package: Big Pharma, an intoxicatingly aromatic lotion for my feeble numb bod, digestive remedies, and this:

The power of the Care Package cannot be overstated.  You don’t need to run out and get something fancy.  Scrape off a back shelf, clear off the lazy Susan, get rid of last year’s Christmas candy.  Doesn’t matter – because it really, really is the thought that counts.


One Response to “The Power of the Care Package”

  1. Nicole October 5, 2011 at 4:16 pm #

    I love this. Reading this post was like watching a movie. You made me cry, laugh and when I saw the picture I cheered.

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