I’m queen of the world!

3 Oct

Took a long walk yesterday (down to Occupy Wall Street – of all places) maybe a bit to long as is my MO.  Feel a bit better, push it, feel like crap, swear to take it easier the next day.  But, with a disease that is this unpredictable, one has to seize the good days by the you-know-what and soldier on.

It was glorious outside – perfect fall day – wispy clouds, blue sky, intermittent sunshine and a cool breeze that got cooler closer to the Hudson.  I had a plate of pancakes (butter! syrup!).  They were delicious. My feet felt good – not like walking on broken glass.  My brain wasn’t racing via PredniMania™.  

I was killing it.

We came home just in time to collapse on the couch to watch the Yankees collapse in game two against the Detroit Tigers.  I slept a little, Tim slept a little, we snacked on corn nuts, watched Strangers on a Train (always awesome), I gobbled down my remaining steroids for the day, making sure to take ye’ olde Zantac so my stomach doesn’t explode into a ball flames from the Prednisone.

So back to my propensity to push myself:  I can’t do it.  I. Must. Resist!

It felt so good to actually eat and enjoy a meal at a restaurant!  And pancakes!  What, the last time I had pancakes was like, the 90s.  And to walk that far without having to take a breaky-poo.  Man oh man!  This (semi)wellness shit is addictive!

Today I woke up with that feeling: ATTACK IT!  Start back into that article that requires 110% of your brain to research and write, call all those people you have been meaning to call back for the last month of your decrepitude, clean for God’s sake woman!  Hula hoop.  Go for a run.

Seriously, this is where my mind takes me when I get in a good walk, talk to some protesters and inhale a stack of Bubby’s sour cream pancakes.

But, I will resist.  Sick of the two steps forward and self-induced one – three steps back.

Wish me luck homies.


One Response to “I’m queen of the world!”

  1. bigthinker8 October 4, 2011 at 2:15 pm #

    Hey babe! Found your blog (I should have been a detective, I knew it, I knew it) I am sorry you have to struggle with this incidious disease but know I am thinking of you and sending prayers your way. For all its worth?? I love you!
    Your big boobied sis

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