And then there is this

1 Oct

Le Hermit

A definition:

L’Hermittes sign is the name given to an electric shock-like sensation which often presents itself with multiple sclerosis; although Lhermitte’s sign is not exclusive to ms and may be the result of some other conditions such as electrolyte imbalance, cervical cord tumour, cervical spondylosis, or even vitamin B12 deficiency.

Typically, the electric shock-like sensation radiates from the neck downwards and lasts for a very short duration; usually less than a second. The sensations can repeat indefinitely so that it might feel almost continuous.

The areas affected by Lhermitte’s sign are usually the arms and / or the legs, although the sensations can radiate to the trunk.

Lhermitte’s sign gets its name from the person who first characterized it, Jacques Jean Lhermitte, and is sometimes (rarely) known as ‘barbers chair phenomenon’.

This is because of the way that Lhermitte’s response is triggered; by flexing the neck forwards. When the head moves in this way, the electric shock like sensations are triggered.

In practice:

You have got to be kidding me.

This is electric shock.  Anyone else get this bit of magic?  I will be walking down the street (slowly) and look down (make sure no trip) and am literally shocked back upright.  I think the above definition is pretty accurate but the experience is bananas.  B A N A N A S.

Why can’t my bod harness this unbridled neck tipping energy into say meaningful thought processing, ability to not reread the exact sentence over and over again in this month’s Harper’s or minor energy depleting things like sitting upright for extended periods of time?

Or at the very least there could be a visual that goes with this.  Like a 1980’s Foghat laser light show at the Des Moines Science Center or like standing next to one of those static electricity globes that makes your hair stand on end?

Thanks Jacques.  You can suck it.

PS – I have fantastically low B12 as well.  Long live the B12 shot!


2 Responses to “And then there is this”

  1. TCM October 9, 2011 at 4:17 pm #

    I have named mon hermit “Grenouille.” I thought about “Gollum” because he is a slimy, cowardly, disgusting cave-dweller who gives me the creeps. But “Grenouille” is so much more… French.

  2. akopsa October 9, 2011 at 6:49 pm #

    Holy Shit you have this too – It is glorious I tell YOU! GLORIOUS!

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