Mookie Jam

29 Sep

Founded in 1999 by Chicago actress (and I am happy to say, now my friend) Mierka Girten, the Mookie Jam Foundation seeks to provide financial assistance in the form of an annual cash grant to artists anywhere and of any discipline who have demonstrated financial need and are living with an M.S. diagnosis.

But it’s really a big ass party every year dumping cash on some lucky MS haver.


2nd Story: We Tell Our Stories So You'll Tell Yours, Chicago IL

2nd Story, Chicago Artistic Director, Amanda Delheimer is this year’s recipient


Then there was the time I won it:

Andy Kopsa

Andy Kopsa, diagnosed in 2006, was born and raised on a teeny-tiny farm in the middle  of Iowa. She was diagnosed with near-sightedness at the age of 9 and has grown  myopic-er and myopic-er ever since. She was essentially disease free until the eve of her  35th birthday when she was  diagnosed with the lovely, delightful, and always  unpredictable Multiple Sclerosis. Since  then, she has been making lampshades out of  MRI film and wind chimes from her Rebif  syringes.


Why should you donate?

Mookie Jam actually altered my life.

Was it the green Mookie laid on me?  It didn’t hurt.

But I was enveloped into a world where I was the star for having melting myelin at a time when I needed the loving attention most.  People not only understood what was up, but laughed in MS’s face.  I admit, at first this truly horrified me.  All these people having so much fun because people got the MS?  What. The. Fuck.

But it makes sense.

This is what we get to do with our disease.  We get to make fun of it.  Laugh at it and make it okay for you to laugh with us unless we feel like shit then you really shouldn’t laugh at it/us.

So click and donate here, on this picture of fearless leader:



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